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if you really need a time trace alongside the amplitude trace

sunull nt=1000 | sugain bias=0.001 | suop op=sum | sustrip | b2a n1=1

sunull nt=1000 | sugain bias=1 | suop op=sum | sugain scale=0.001 |
sustrip | b2a n1=1

will give you ascii values from 0.001 to 1 for instance (the second line
has smaller  float coding errors)

I'm pretty sure that in gnuplot you can take advantage of the constant
sampling rate of the trace to avoid to compute a time trace

For your last question,

you can also use psmerge to merge different eps outputs as layers (with
different sampling rates, number of samples etc). You have to fix the
boundaries and tic marks of your plots in order to have a good


PS : I'm pretty happy that this mailing list is still up and running ! I
don't want to unsubscribe...

Le 09/04/2018 à 15:30, jahiro damian miranda calvet a écrit :
> hi everyone, 
> I have a problem that I would like to share with you, I need to
> compare different seismograms traces from different files, for
> example, seismogam 3 of the file name1.su <http://name1.su> and
> seismogram 7 of the file name2.su <http://name2.su>, when I use susum
> I have one error because  ns are  different. I thought  to convert to
> ascii and compare in gnuplot, there it is possible, but the X axis is
> not the same that SU, isn't the time values. 
> - How I can export from *.su to *.ascii with the time colum too? not
> only amplitud, I would like to convert many colum that I need.
> - It's possible to normalize all amplitudes from different files? if
> possible, what is the command? 
> And the last one, 
> - How I can plot many traces in one figure with different names? for
> example, I plot trace 3 from name1.su <http://name1.su>, trace 67 from
> name2.su <http://name2.su> and trace 5 from name3, and put the name
> like:  time  vs.  Tr1   Tr2  Tr3   axes.
> Thanks a lot for any tips 
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