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Am 09.04.2018 um 15:30 schrieb jahiro damian miranda calvet:
> hi everyone,
> I have a problem that I would like to share with you, I need to compare
> different seismograms traces from different files, for example, seismogam 3
> of the file name1.su and seismogram 7 of the file name2.su, when I use
> susum I have one error because  ns are  different. I thought  to convert to
> ascii and compare in gnuplot, there it is possible, but the X axis is not
> the same that SU, isn't the time values.
> - How I can export from *.su to *.ascii with the time colum too? not only
> amplitud, I would like to convert many colum that I need.
try  suascii bare=4   (gnuplot)

SUASCII - print non zero header values and data in various formats

 suascii <stdin >ascii_file

 Optional parameter:
    bare=0     print headers and data
        =1     print only data
        =2     print headers only
        =3     print data in print data in .csv format, e.g. for Excel
        =4     print data as tab delimited .txt file, e.g. for GnuPlot
        =5     print data as .xyz file, e.g. for plotting with GMT

> - It's possible to normalize all amplitudes from different files? if
> possible, what is the command?
Use suwind/suresamp to make the files same length/sampling for comparison

> And the last one,
> - How I can plot many traces in one figure with different names? for
> example, I plot trace 3 from name1.su, trace 67 from name2.su and trace 5
> from name3, and put the name like:  time  vs.  Tr1   Tr2  Tr3   axes.

suwind skip=2 count=1 < name1.su > selected_traces.su
suwind skip=66 count=1 < name2.su >> selected_traces.su
suwind skip=4 count=1 < name2.su >> selected_traces.su

suxwigb < selected_traces.su label2="Trace" label1="Time"

resrtict to first N samples of the traces
suwind skip=4 count=1 < name2.su itmax=N >> selected_traces.su

or resample to common sampling, eg to have 2s at 4ms sampling:
suwind skip=4 count=1 < name2.su  | suresamp nt=501 dt=0.004  >>

> Thanks a lot for any tips
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hope that gets you started,

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