LUG: Meeting this Thursday (9/17) - GitHub isn't the only option: a comparison of git hosting and code review tools

J. Westarp jwestarp at
Mon Sep 14 11:20:21 MDT 2020

Hello LUG,

The meeting this Thursday (9/17) at 18:00 MST will be about online git
hosting and code review tools. One example you might have heard of
before is GitHub... but there are a lot more out there!

If you're wondering, git is a widely-used version control software
invented by Linus Torvalds (the creator of Linux). Git is used to help
with projects of all sizes, from the Linux kernel (which has tens of
thousands of contributors), to very small projects which may be worked
on by only one person. The presentation will start off with a brief
overview of what exactly version control is, alongside what git does,
before comparing software designed to be used with it.

Beforehand, the Linux help session will be at 17:00 MST. As always,
anyone at Mines is welcome to stop by to get help with installing
software or to get answers to Linux-related questions.

Both the meeting and the help session will be completely remote using
the Jitsi video conferencing platform. Jitsi can be used in-browser
without installing software onto your computer.

See for Jitsi links (you must be logged in
with Multipass). Links are subject to change, so please revisit this
page before a meeting or help session.

Jo Westarp
President, Mines LUG

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