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Ivan Krukov ikrukov at
Wed Sep 9 11:45:53 MDT 2020

(appologies in advance if you're on multiple mailing lists)

Hello all!

I'm currently working as a sysadmin for a Mechanical Engineering PhD
research group that does operations research ( and
am set to graduate in December.

I am currently looking for somebody to pass responsibility to. While the
contract will be through the ME department, pretty much all of the duties
that you will be doing day-to-day will be Linux/CS centric. If you are
interested, shoot me an email at ikrukov at with a resume and we'll
schedule an interview over Zoom.

* Software updates/license management for 10 Linux machines (majority
Ubuntu Server)
* Servicing of user requests as they arise (creating shared workspaces,
responding to service outages, installing software)
* Occasional setup of new server machines as hardware gets upgraded

The workload should average about 5 hours per week with ample opportunities
to explore how to run things better if so desired.

Ivan Krukov
Colorado School of Mines
Computer Science, M.S Dec 2020
CSCI 441 & 585 TA
ORwE System Administrator
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