LUG: New Ubuntu mirrors on campus!

Jake Vossen jvossen at
Mon May 11 22:30:58 MDT 2020

Hey everyone,

I am excited to announce that Mines is now hosting Ubuntu mirrors on
campus! This should increase the download speeds of `apt` on and around
campus. It should work on all currently supported versions of Ubuntu.

To use the new mirrors:

1. Make a backup of your current sources list:
`cp /etc/apt/sources.list ~/some/safe/place/sources.bak`
You can then use that file to restore the default mirrors if you decide
not to use Mines mirrors in the future.

2. Edit `/etc/apt/sources.list` and on the lines not starting with a
'#', replace anything that looks like or (might look slightly different depending
on your version) with

Run `apt update`, and you should see it updating from ``.

Please email me or ping me on the LUG Matrix server[0] if you have any
questions or issues setting it up.

(Bonus, you can also do the same process on the Windows Subsystem for

Jake Vossen (he/him/his)
Colorado School of Mines, Class of 2022
B.S. Computer Science
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