LUG: Everything is a file + What are all those folders in the root directory?

J. Westarp jwestarp at
Sun Sep 15 22:30:30 MDT 2019

Hello LUG,

LUG meets Thursday at 18:00 in BB 269 again. Nick Carnival will be
giving a talk on how everything on Linux is a file, as well as what
all those subdirectories in root like /bin and /var are for.

The help session is at 17:00 beforehand in ALAMODE as always. If you
or a friend need help installing Linux, can't get something to work,
or just have questions, we'd be happy for you to stop by.

Also, next week's talk will be about gaming on Linux, just in time for
the LAN party the following night (Friday, 9/27)! More info will be
sent out next week.

Jo Westarp
President, Mines LUG
Treasurer, Mines ACM

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