LUG: Interesting Linux distros talk + LAN party poll

J. Westarp jwestarp at
Sun Sep 8 17:27:30 MDT 2019

Hello everyone,

LUG meets Thursday at 18:00 in BB 269 again this week. The help
session is at 17:00 in ALAMODE (BB 136) beforehand.

This week's talk will give you a look at some of the more interesting
Linux distros (Gentoo, CentOS, and Arch), as well as the Windows
Subsystem for Linux which allows you to run Linux programs on Windows.
It's nice to know how to use WSL if you're used to developing software
on Linux but are forced to use Windows for a project.

Additionally, please help us decide when to have the first LAN party
of the semester by filling out this form (check the boxes of the dates
you would be able to attend):
A LAN party is when everyone plays video games together all night in a
computer lab. It's always a lot of fun!

Jo Westarp
President, Mines LUG
Treasurer, Mines ACM

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