LUG: LISP-machines + November LAN Party

J. Westarp jwestarp at
Tue Oct 29 04:12:59 MDT 2019

Hello LUG,

We are meeting as usual again this Thursday (10/31 at 18:00 in BB
269). The topic is LISP-machines, a type of computer built to
efficiently run LISP programs. The talk will go over what LISP is, why
it's interesting, and what makes the processor in a LISP-machine quite
different from the processor in your computer. I think LISP is a
weird, fun topic, so I hope you will spend part of your Halloween
evening with LUG!
The Linux help session is at 17:00 before the meeting, in ALAMODE.

It would be fun to have another LAN Party before the semester ends, so
please fill out this survey so we know what date would work best for
everyone: <>

Also, the Presentations page on the LUG website
<> is now mostly up to date, so you
can look back at past presentation slides from this semester.

Jo Westarp
President, Mines LUG
Treasurer, Mines ACM

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