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Hey LUG members,

ACM is having a speaker from the FreeBSD foundation tomorrow to talk
about FreeBSD and open source software. Should be interesting for Unix
lovers like us as well!

Jordan Newport

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> Subject: [ACM] Talk on FreeBSD and Open Source Software
> Hi everyone,
> First off, congrats to everyone who went to HackUTD this past weekend.
> We had one team (Sam, Fisher, Mohammed, and Madeline) get 2nd place overall
> at the competition. You can read about what they built, as well as what all
> of the Mines teams build, at the following link:
> <>
> This Tuesday at 6pm in CK 140, we'll be having a talk from Deb Goodkin,
> Executive Director at The FreeBSD Foundation. She will be talking about
> FreeBSD as well as open source software in general. Open source software
> plays an important part in the world of computing. Whether it's Chromium,
> the open source base for Google Chrome, Docker, the container framework
> used by some of the biggest companies, or Operating systems like FreeBSD or
> Linux, you've probably interacted with something based on open source
> software. See the attached flyer for more information.
> Thanks,
> Jack Garner

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