LUG: Open Protocols

J. Westarp jwestarp at
Thu Nov 7 13:16:33 MST 2019

Looks like I forgot to specify the date/time. The open protocols talk
is tonight at 18:00 in BB 269. The help session is at 17:00 beforehand

Hope to see you all there!
Jo Westarp
President, Mines LUG
Treasurer, Mines ACM

On 11/5/19, J. Westarp <jwestarp at> wrote:
> Hello LUG,
> This week's topic is open protocols. You probably know that a protocol
> is a system of rules for having computers communicate with one
> another. If a protocol is "open", the specification is publicly
> available and anyone is allowed to write programs that implement that
> protocol. Email is an example-- anyone can write software for sending
> and receiving emails, and send and receive emails to/from everyone
> else, who might be running completely different software. The talk
> this week will go over some open protocols you might not have heard of
> before.
> Additionally, if you didn't fill out the survey for LAN party dates
> last week, it is still open: <>
> Jo Westarp
> --
> President, Mines LUG
> Treasurer, Mines ACM

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