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Jack Garner jgarner at
Wed Mar 20 08:45:03 MDT 2019

Hello everyone,

This Thursday, Sumner will be giving a presentation on how to make it
rain. Specifically, he will be presenting on the Unix utility Make and
how it can be leveraged using Makefiles. If you code in C/C++ and want
to build complex projects, make is an essential tool. If you don't code
in C/C++, the power provided by make can still be useful.

When: 3-19-2019 6pm
Where: Alamode (BB136)

After Spring break, we'll have just one month until school ends. There
are a couple of things that we need to do before then. First, we need
to hold elections for next year. The positions and some general
information can be found at Everything is up to date
there except that you should email me (jgarner at instead of
Jack Rosenthal. We'll plan to hold elections in early April but let me
know sometime soon if you want to run for anything.

The other event we need to hold is another LAN party. If you don't
remember from earlier this semester, the LAN party is where we all play
games and hang out. Even if you don't normally play video games, it
should still be tons of fun. Fill out the form below so we can figure
out when to host the event.

Jack Garner
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