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Wed Apr 24 15:50:32 MDT 2019

Hi Mia,

How close the interface feels to Windows depends on the desktop
environment (software which controls the menu bars, windows, etc.) you
choose. Cinnamon, LXDE, and KDE are a few desktop environments that
are like Windows. The main day-to-day difference is that installing
software is usually done from the terminal; for example, if I wanted
to install Python 3 on Linux, I would open a terminal and type "sudo
apt install python3", as opposed to going to a website and downloading
an installer like I would on Windows.

The other thing to know is that there are several distributions of
Linux. The difference between them is mainly what software comes with
them by default. I recommend installing Lubuntu or Kubuntu (Ubuntu
with LXDE or KDE) to new people because the desktop environment will
be familiar and lots of people use Ubuntu, so there's a lot of
software available for it.

Every Thursday from 5-6pm in ALAMODE is the LUG help session. Myself
or anyone else there would be happy to help.


On 4/24/19, Mia Belliveau <mbelliveau at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was interested in installing the operating system, but I also had some
> concerns about how much differently things would change, and the interface
> (I’ve only ever used windows). When could I possibly arrange to get help on
> these?
> Thanks,
> Mia
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