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Wed Apr 24 10:15:19 MDT 2019

Hey Jack and team,

I am trying to install a Sparse tool called SPAMS in python anaconda and facing issues. 
Would someone please show me what I am doing wrong?


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Hi everyone,

This Thursday will be the last talk of the year. David will be giving a
talk on the Python Virtual Environment and the the ins and outs of the
Python ecosystem. Have you ever typed sudo pip install and thought
there must be a better way? Join us April 25th in Alamode (BB 136) to
learn more about managing your Python dependencies without breaking
your system.

Next Thursday is Dead Week, so instead of a talk, we'll be having movie
night. I'll send out more more info about that soon.

Tracy Camp forwarded us a cool opportunity to share with Mines students
from Shuah Khan, a Linux Fellow at the Linux Foundation and kernel
maintainer. She is leading an initiative to train new kernel developers
with the hope of increasing diversity in the kernel community. This
would be a paid mentorship program and is open to everyone. You can
find more information at:

If you've ever wanted to learn more about being a kernel dev, you
should definitely check it out.

Jack Garner

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