LUG: Linux system repair help

Qifan Liu qifanliu at
Fri Apr 19 12:18:57 MDT 2019


I am graduate student from the Geophysics department. My linux system died out of power at night by accident and could not boot next day. There are some files on the hard drive that I could not afford to lose and I am wondering whether anyone here could provide any help on the system repair.

My situation is:

The ubuntu system (16.04) stalls before the login interface and does not move forward (which might indicate disk corruption). When I reboot it and go into the CUI, I can still see my directories and files but was denied by the system when trying to copy files to external drives. 

Would anyone provide any advice on how to backup the hard drive and repair the system? I can surely provide more specifics if needed. 

Thanks a lot in advance,


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