LUG: Elections and LAN party

Jack Garner jgarner at
Tue Apr 16 17:34:55 MDT 2019

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a great E-Days. Instead of a talk this week, we will be
having elections for next year. Currently, the following people are
running for positions:

President: Jo Westarp
VP: Jesus Nunez, Jo Westarp*, Jordan Newport
Secretary: Jo Westarp*, Jordan Newport*
Linux help guru: Jack Garner
Treasurer: Jo Westarp*

* = fallback position. Will run for that if not elected for a previous

As you can see, we are light on people running for positions and will
likely need another person to run for treasurer. Please consider
applying for a position (before elections this Thursday) if you haven't
already. If you want to know what each position entails, check out: Send me an email, Matrix
message, or reach out in person if you want to run for something.
When: 6pm 4/18/2019
Where: Alamode (BB 136)

The other big event coming up is the LAN party this Friday the 19th at
6pm in Alamode. If you haven't been to one before, they're tons of fun.
Basically, we play various games (like tower defense, Factorio, Super
Smash Bros, etc.), eat food, and hang out. Most of the games we play
are available on the lab machines. Near the start, we will do a pizza
and snack run. Unlike a normal meeting, you should plan on bringing
money for that. A medium pizza costs $6 although you can usually find
someone to split it with you. I look forward to seeing you all there
and don't forget to apply for a position if you're interested.

Jack Garner
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