LUG: Plan 9 From Bell Labs

Jack Garner jgarner at
Tue Apr 2 16:07:48 MDT 2019

Hello everyone,
Welcome back from break. This Thursday, Adam Frick will be giving a
talk on the Plan 9 operating system. Originally designed to be the
successor to Unix, Plan 9 never really caught on in the same way.
Despite this, it had many fascinating ideas for how an OS should work
in a connected world and many of the programs created for it were
ported to other operating systems.

We are still looking for people to run for officer positions next year.
If you're interested in running, send me an email or other message and
I will make sure you get on the ballot. You can run for multiple
positions so if you don't get one, you can have a fallback. Elections
will be on the 18th so make sure to let me know before than. More
information can be found here:

Finally, we still need to figure out the LAN party dates. I've removed
a couple of the options and added two more so check it out again if you
had filled it out previously.

Jack Garner
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