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Jack Rosenthal jrosenth at
Mon Sep 24 16:15:44 MDT 2018


We will move this Thursday's talk on window managers to next Thursday,
due to this Adam Savage thing on the same day.

Also, if you want to sign up for a lightning talk on a window manager,
let me know.

So far, here is the line up:

    i3: sumner
    kde plasma: sam warfield
    how to design a window manager: jack garner



Jack M. Rosenthal                 (
Graduate Student, Computer Science )

Me: Does anyone have any ideas how we could get cups?
Student 2: We could steal some from Digger's Den!
Student 3: But what if the Mines Police catch us?
Student 2: That guy? We could take him out *easy*!
    (Fall 2014 ACM[x] Meeting)

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