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I forgot to send this out in the last message... this will be TONIGHT.



Careers in High Tech and Computing panel

Companies represented: Chevron, Fast Enterprise, Gogo Business Aviation,
HomeAdvisor, LGS Innovations, Prokarma, Trade Desk

Tips for exploring careers and landing a job!

Wednesday, October 17
CoorsTek 140-150

Engineers and recruiters from C-MAPP companies will talk about:
-A brief overview of their company/organization information
-Types of jobs and career paths at each company
-Tips on what makes a candidate stand out (resumes, interviews, etc.)
Students will have the chance to network with speakers .
Companies represented: Chevron, FAST Enterprises, Gogo Business
Aviation, HomeAdvisor, LGS Innovations, Prokarma, The Trade Desk

Refreshments sponsored by CS at Mines and the Mines Career Center.

Please log into DiggerNet to register under Workshops

Jack M. Rosenthal                 (
Graduate Student, Computer Science )

Computers were a mistake.
    -- Ethan Hunter

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