LUG: Meeting Tomorrow: Window Manager Lightning Talks

Jack Rosenthal jrosenth at
Wed Oct 3 21:02:45 MDT 2018

Greetings LUGgers,

Tomorrow, we will meet to have a series of short talks on a variety of
window managers for you Linux setup: i3, KDE Plasma, LXDE, and a special
topic on how to design a window manager. If you want to sign up for
another one I did not mention, let me know (if you are a GNOME user, it
would be cool to get GNOME some coverage here too!)

 Date: Thursday, 2018-10-04
 Time: 6 PM
 Location: ALAMODE Lab (BB 136)
 Dinner provided!

Also, the Linux Help Session will be at 5 PM in the same room!

Mark your calendars for the LAN Party: Friday, October 19 at 6 PM.


Jack M. Rosenthal                 (
Graduate Student, Computer Science )

There's only two hard problems in computer science: cache invalidation,
naming things, and off-by-one errors.

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