LUG: Talk needed for this week, as well as Vice President elections

Jack Rosenthal jrosenth at
Mon Nov 26 10:44:37 MST 2018


This week's talk is still open ... let me know if you want to throw
something together, or I might be able to figure something out too.

Thursday, 12/6, we will have Vice President elections during our
meeting, as our current VP (Jackson Garner) will take over for me as
President next semester. Any graduate or undergraduate student
(including freshmen!) are welcome to run for the position.

The term of the position would only be 1 semester (Spring 2019), as to
keep elections aligned with each Spring.

Email me if interested in either the talk or VP position.



Jack M. Rosenthal                 (
Graduate Student, Computer Science )

We try to keep our students busy enough that they won't have time to
go exploring our network.
    -- Phil Romig

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