LUG: multiplexors on alamode

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You'll need to run "loginctl enable-linger" first, if you have not already
done so.

Then "systemd-run --scope --user <command> <args>" to override the systemd
default of KillUserProcesses=yes.

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Try invoking screen using "systemd-run --user --scope screen".

Systemd made a change a few years ago to kill child processes on logout by
default, with a config option to disable this behavior.

I guess CCIT just figured that one out...
On Mon, Nov 5, 2018 at 11:01 AM Jack Rosenthal <jrosenth at> wrote:
> I've been able to use tmux and screen just fine in the past, but 
> interestingly enough I go and try today ...
> $ ssh bb136-01
> jrosenth at bb136-01$ tmux
> ... runs a process and presses C-b d ...
> jrosenth at bb136-01$ ^D
> $ ssh bb136-01
> $ tmux attach
> no sessions
> If someone wants to put in a help desk ticket, maybe we can get an 
> official answer on this.
> Jack
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> Theoreticaly you just need to install OpenGL, GLU, and FreeGLUT then 
> run make. How does that work in practice? Not sure. Good luck I guess.
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