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Jack Rosenthal jrosenth at
Mon Nov 5 11:31:24 MST 2018

Greetings LUGgers,

It's hard to imagine the end of the semester is approaching already, and
we still have one more LAN party to fit in.

Really, we only have two weekends to choose from:

- This weekend (11/9 or 11/10)
- The weekend right before dead week (11/30 or 12/1)

We can't really do 11/16 or 11/17, as this is the start of Thanksgiving
break and most people will be out of town.

Crazy, huh?

Fill out what works here:

Please fill out ASAP (by Tuesday, 11/6 at 9 PM), as people might need to
make plans for the weekend.

Also, please do go out and VOTE (not for the LAN party, but for the real
elections): you have until 11/6 at 7 PM. Remember that your vote
*counts* and can make a difference!



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Graduate Student, Computer Science )

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