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Mon Nov 5 10:21:42 MST 2018

I know for sure that in the mean time you can use the GNU "screen" utility
to maintain an active terminal between login sessions. What should work is
a screen session running tmux, or you could just run multiple screen
sessions if you don't mind not tiling. Screen will even preserve a session
through accidental drops in ssh. (use "ctrl a + d" to detach a current
screen without terminating the process in that screen)

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On Mon, Nov 5, 2018 at 10:03 AM Keith Hellman <khellman at>

> It seems screen and tmux give the illusion of working while your logged
> in, but sessions are discarded when they are detached and the hosting
> login process disconnects.  Which means I cannot reconnect sessions at
> a later date.
> Does anyone else experience this on alamode (bb136-\d\
> machines)?
> And do the more enlightened of us know if this is an intended
> feature by CCIT?
> TiA,
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