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Akshay Swaminathan akshayswaminathan at
Fri May 18 17:10:59 MDT 2018

Hello all,

I am trying to dual boot my windows Asus laptop with ubuntu (18.04), but
apparently when I do that my ubuntu freezes up (Touch pad and keyboard
doesnt work)  everything gets stuck. I tried to use different version of
ubuntu (16.04) but still dint work. Not sure what the problem is ?

I downloaded ubuntu from the source website. I used lili to configure ISO
into the pendrive and AOMEI partition software to partition my SSD.

I also tried working with CCIT people who had the ubuntu 16.04 which was
extracted using rufus that still dint work.

I thought it was some driver issue so uninstalled the Nvidia driver and
tried it but still dint work.

Will be helpful if some one can help me on this ASAP as i need this up and

Thanks and Regards,
*Akshay Swaminathan*
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