LUG: Talk Tomorrow: Docutils & reStructuredText (and a little bit about Sphinx)

Jack Rosenthal jrosenth at
Wed Feb 21 08:41:52 MST 2018

Hi LUGgers,

Since nobody asked to do a presentation, I decided to make my own...

Tomorrows presentation will be on reStructuredText: a markup language
that is made to be writable, readable, and extensible. This is a great
presentation for you if:

* You're tired of writing HTML by hand and want to write something
* You're annoyed at all of the times Markdown has shown to be
  incompetent because you tried to put a table, footnote, or mathematics
  in it, or you tried to extend the language to support that.
* You go on tangents in your writing, and want a markup language that
  lets you denote tangential topics.
* You want a markup language that you can hack on without adding extra
  syntax to the language.
* You want a good way to document code.
* You want a way to write Beamer presentations without your fingers
  falling off.
* You are a human being and hate the pain that other systems induce.

Still not convinced? I'll also be covering a bit about Sphinx, which is
a full-fledged documentation system. You've probably seen it before:
Sphinx is what is used for "ReadTheDocs" sites, the Python
documentation, as well as my CSCI-400 course website.

Okay, enough babbling Jack. When is the meeting?

:Date: Thursday, 2018-02-22
:Time: 6 PM
:Location: ALAMODE Linux Lab (BB 136)

Dinner provided!

What else comes free? A Linux Help Session will be held right before at
5 PM: you can bring your notebook (or heck, even your desktop or
a toaster) and we'll see what we can do to put Linux on it! This will be
in the same room.


Jack M. Rosenthal                 (
Graduate Student, Computer Science )

Don't call me professor. That's an insult to professors everywhere.
    -- Josh Thomas (Operating Systems, Spring 2016)

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