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Sun Feb 18 13:08:56 MST 2018

On Sat, 17 Feb 2018 at 18:21 -0700, Abhilesh Borode wrote:
> This is Abhilesh Borode. I'm a graduate student at mines. I actually
> wanted your club's help in installing Ubuntu 14.04 in my laptop. I
> have tried doing it however I am facing some issues with it. My laptop
> is Asus rog strix GL 703VD.


My personal recommendation would be to install 14.04 in a virtual
machine, if it's something that is at all possible for you to do. 14.04
is kind of from the "dark ages" of Ubuntu, and 16.04 made many
improvements. In addition, 14.04 has only about a year of maintenance
updates left before it reaches end-of-life.

The *really easy* way to do this is to install a software called
"VirtualBox" (you can install thru Software Center) and setup 14.04 in
there... there may be other easy ways to do this: LUGgers, feel free to
pipe in with your favorite easy-to-use frontend to libvirt :-)

> I had successfully installed 16.04 previously but I'm in urgent need
> for 14.04. I guess you guys will have more experience in this than me.
> So if  you guys could help me please let me know.

Feel free to stop by our Linux Help Session, it will be this week
(Thursday at 5 PM). I'll send more details to the list as we get closer.

Or, if this time does not work for you or you'll need help installing it
sooner, send some times that would work for you to the list, and maybe
someone can intersect that with their schedule.


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