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Fri Feb 2 14:35:21 MST 2018


Tonight (2018-02-02) is our first LAN Party of the semester! 6 PM in
CT B60. Feel free to come late or leave early etc.

What is a LAN Party?

LUGgers get together and play some computer games. You don't need to be
a gamer to show up (in fact, I think most of us aren't!) We have all the
games you need, and they are all very easy to learn to play! It's a
bunch of fun.

What to Bring

Yourself, at minimum. All of our games can run on the school lab
computers, so everything else is optional.

* You can bring a desktop computer if you want. Again, totally optional.

* You can bring $6 for your own medium pizza and we will place a big
  order to Dominoes.

* If you want soda, bring a couple of bucks to chip into the soda fund.

* Also, bringing friends is cool too!

If the CTLM is locked...

Use the street-level basement door to the CTLM on Arapaho Street. If the
door is not propped open, run over to the window for B60 and knock. One
of us will let you in.

See you there!


Jack M. Rosenthal                 (
Graduate Student, Computer Science )

More papers should list caffeine as a coauthor.

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