LUG: Linux Netboot Question from friend of Skyler Morris

Patrick Myers pmyers at
Mon Apr 23 21:36:40 MDT 2018

Hi everyone,

This would be on my own network rather than the school's, so no DHCP
concerns there.

Jack, the link you included looks promising, I'll give it a shot!


On Mon, Apr 23, 2018 at 8:59 PM, Jack Rosenthal <jrosenth at> wrote:

> Hey Patrick,
> On Mon, 23 Apr 2018 at 16:48 -0600, Patrick Myers wrote:
> > I'm in over my head with a project at work and my roommate Skyler
> > Morris said you might be able to help.
> I'm also sending to the LUG mailing list in case someone has a better
> idea... LUGgers, feel free to pipe in with w/e.
> > I need to install 14.04 on a clean system over the network and want it
> > to be as minimal as possible. Ideally, I want to use the 14.04
> > mini.iso but the tutorials I found for netbooting all revolves around
> > using netboot.tar.gz.
> >
> > The two main configuration differences I can find are:
> >
> > 1) The config files (pxelinux.cfg vs isolinux.cfg)
> > 2) The .bin files (pxelinux.0 vs isolinux.bin)
> >
> > Is there a way I could replace the pxe files' contents with the iso
> > files' contents? Or just in general, can I netboot using
> > instead of the specific netboot image?
> First, are you trying to netboot on the school's network, or your own? I
> think part of the typical PXE setup requires you to run your own DHCP
> server, which might get you an Email from Phil Romig if you tried on the
> school's network...
> If on your own network, you would need to either setup PXELINUX and
> configure it for the mini image (don't know if the config would be
> compatible with the one from the tar.gz), or you could try and do
> something like this:
> (which I haven't tried, so no idea if it actually works...)
> If it's not on your own network, you would need to figure out an
> alternative boot solution such as a small USB drive or floppy disk... so
> I guess if that's the case, let me/us know and we can figure something
> out.
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