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Sun Apr 1 05:43:49 MDT 2018


So many startups are using new technologies that we talk about in our
meetings to make much moneys. For example, we have recently had a talk
about JavaScript, and plenty of startups are able to use this
technology in their money making.

And I look at all of this and see... what the heck are we doing not
making money? If we know some of the technologies, who says we can't
learn them all??? Our new meetings will cover topics like:

<LI>Programming in HTML
* Machine Learning
* Neural Networks
* Deep Neural Networks
* Deep Deep Neural Networks
<LI>Deep Learning Cryptocurrencies
* Deep Deep Learning
* Deep Deep Deep Neural Machine Network GANs
<LI>Ruby on Rails

So I propose that we take initiative to change how our club works and
look towards this new vision. On our meeting on Thursday (when we do
officer elections) we make a bylaw change to our club's name. After
Thursday, we will be known as BUBBLES: Bitcoin Users Building Big Linux
machinE-learning Systems.

Happy April Fools!


<IMG SRC="lug.png" ALT="lug logo">

Jack M. Rosenthal                 (
Graduate Student, Computer Science )

Bubbleware (n.): Software designed for hipsters designing software.
Typically delivered "as a service" since hipsters would not know how
to use it otherwise.

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