LUG: Show & Tell (Location is CT B60)

Jack Rosenthal jrosenth at
Wed Oct 11 11:50:13 MDT 2017


It's time for one of the happiest times of the year! Show and Tell!!

At our meeting tomorrow, people will show up with cool things, and you
can check them out! In the past, we've had everything from mechanical
keyboards to obscure computers there. Bringing something is not
required, but we do encourage it.

So why don't you show up?

 Date: Thursday, 2017-10-12
 Time: 6 PM
 Location: CT B60 (notice this is not GC 297)
 Food: Jimmy Johns? Potentially...

Linux Help Session will be directly before at 5 PM in same room (CT
B60). If this room is not available then, then Adam leave a note on the
door with where you'll be.

Also, CCIT is hosting a cyber-security awareness event on Halloween with
tons of prizes available. More details here:


Jack M. Rosenthal
Colorado School of Mines
Combined BS/MS Computer Science
President of Mines ACM Student Chapter
President of Mines Linux Users Group

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