LUG: Meeting Tomorrow: Bottle (Python Web Micro-framework)

Jack Rosenthal jrosenth at
Wed Mar 22 21:17:08 MDT 2017


Tomorrow, I will be giving a talk on Bottle, a micro-framework for HTTP
written in Python. If you are not familiar what this is, Bottle allows
you to develop simple web applications and REST APIs in Python without
the overhead of a larger framework like Django or TurboGears. No
background knowledge is required... I will try to explain everything
there is to know.

Here's the details:
  Location: GC 297
  Date: Thursday, 2017-03-23
  Time: 6pm
  All are welcomed... bring your friends!

Also: don't forget about the Linux help session directly before at 5pm
in the same room. This is a good time to learn how $$ differs from
$BASHPID in bash (Nick: you know this, right?) or install that Linux
distro you've always wanted to try. You could also bring a newbie to
Linux and introduce them to the awesome world that is Linux.

See you all there! -Jack

PS: Here's what's coming up in the pipeline:
  Thursday, March 31st: No meeting, happy spring break!
  Thursday, April 6th: Officer elections (see email soon for details)
  Friday, April 7th: LAN Party!!

Jack M. Rosenthal
Colorado School of Mines
Combined BS/MS Computer Science
President of Mines ACM Student Chapter
President of Mines Linux Users Group

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