LUG: Meeting tomorrow: Booting Linux (also: don't forget idigmines!)

Jack Rosenthal jrosenth at
Wed Feb 8 10:38:24 MST 2017


Tomorrow, I will be doing a talk on how your Linux machine gets from its
Power On Self Test all the way to your desktop. Topics covered include
MBR, (U)EFI, initial ram disks, init/systemd, and a few other
miscellaneous things.

Here's the details:

  Date: Thursday, 2017-02-09
  Time: 6pm
  Location: GC 297

Also, don't forget about the Linux Help directly before at 5pm in the
same room. This is a good time to bring a friend new to Linux and help
them get set up.

Lastly, idigmines day is Thursday as well. During this time, you can
make donations at If CS at Mines gets the most
donations *by number of people, not value*, then CS at Mines will get an
additional $25K bonus!

Since this money could directly benefit LUG, ACM, and ACM-W activities,
it would be great if all the LUGgers could go on and donate a dollar or so.

I look forward to seeing you at our meeting tomorrow!


Jack M. Rosenthal
Colorado School of Mines
Combined BS/MS Computer Science
President of Mines ACM Student Chapter
President of Mines Linux Users Group

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