LUG: Project Code Rush

Jack Rosenthal jrosenth at
Wed Dec 6 10:47:47 MST 2017

Hi LUGgers,

Want to de-stress from Dead Week with pizza and a movie? Come join LUG
for a viewing of the classic documentary "Project Code Rush". Project
Code Rush is about the birth of Mozilla and the open sourcing of
Netscape. It features Jamie Zawinski (author of xscreensaver), Brendan
Eich (creator of JavaScript), and many more people who made Mozilla

 Date: 2017-12-07
 Time: 6 PM
 Location: CT 102 (**this is not our usual location**)

Hope to see you there!


Jack M. Rosenthal
Colorado School of Mines
Combined BS/MS Computer Science
President of Mines ACM Student Chapter
President of Mines Linux Users Group
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