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Jonathan Evans jonathanevans at
Sat Apr 1 23:10:42 MDT 2017

LUGgers (I mean, WUGgers),

Let's take a moment to thank Jack for showing such great leadership in this
area. I second the motion. There are many reasons why we should become the
Windows Users Group, I've outlined a few below:

1. It would make my job easier as secretary since I wouldn't have to find
Linux labs to have our meetings in
2. Attendance at our Windows Help Sessions would skyrocket
3. We could do very interesting talks such as:
    - The History of the BSOD
    - An Extensive History of Windows Viruses Rated by Number of Infected
Computers Still in Use at Fortune 500 Companies
    - The Registry: A Comprehensive Guide
    - Best Windows OSes Ordered by Current Usage (spoiler alert, Windows 7
from 2009 is still winning)
    - Coolest Windows Features Rated by Privacy Invasion Capabilities and
Known Exploits
    - Most Popular Windows Applications Sorted by Irrelevance
    - A Comprehensive Guide to Reinstalling Windows and Why You Should do
so Every Year
    - How to find Program Executables in the 28 Places Where They Might Be

In short, I believe that this new vision for WUG is necessary to take us to
the next level. I am fully backing this bylaw amendment.


*Jonathan Sumner Evans*
Colorado School of Mines
Computer Science
*Secretary, Mines Windows Users Group*

jonathanevans at
+1 (720) 459-1501 <%28720%29%20459-1501>

P.S. Happy April Fools Day to you too Jack, it smelled fishy, but it was

On Sat, Apr 1, 2017 at 6:02 AM, Jack Rosenthal <jrosenth at> wrote:

> LUGgers,
> It has come to my attention that the Linux Users Group is not too much
> about Linux, but we mostly talk about computer science stuff in general.
> Not even all of us use Linux (I'm a recent FreeBSD convert, for
> example).
> One of my goals as President is to attract as many new users as
> possible. Targeting the base of *just Linux users* won't allow us to
> reach our fullest potential of users we could. For example, according to
> the highly credible folks at Wikipedia, Windows users account for 91.39%
> of Desktop operating systems.
> So I propose we have a new, more friendly face, to show the public what
> it means to be a part of our club. Coming soon, you will see a bylaw
> amendment you can vote on to officially rename our club. I propose that
> we rename to "Windows Users Group", or WUG for short, to honor the
> widespread usage of Windows.
> So welcome to WUG!
> Jack
> PS. Happy April Fools Day!
> --
> Jack M. Rosenthal
> Colorado School of Mines
> Combined BS/MS Computer Science
> President of Mines ACM Student Chapter
> President of Mines Linux Users Group
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