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Fri Dec 16 23:54:26 MST 2016


What a semester we've had! Lacking a recording of attendance or proper
statistical analysis, I'd say that we at least tripled our regular
attendance to our meetings. Much of this can be attributed to the new
LUG website and "marketing" that we've been doing, but none of this
growth could have been done without YOU! Thanks for showing up to our
meetings and helping share LUG with your friends!

As we move into the next semester, I hope that all of you drag all of
your friends to our meetings and have them sign up for our mailing list.
This will help grow our club even more!

I've also had many ideas brought to my attention this semester to help
improve our growth, mainly offering Linux Help Sessions weekly to help
introduce newbies to Linux, as well as adding food to our meetings.
Please email me if you have more ideas! I'll try my best to implement
whatever we can!

As many of you know, Keith Hellman will be leaving and will not be here
next semester. He is our faculty adviser and has played a key role in
our club's administration for many years. This is really sad. :(

Dr. Painter-Wakefield (CPW) has offered to be our faculty adviser for
the next semester. I think he is suited for the position, however, if
you think otherwise, I am open to feedback. We will have an official
vote to elect CPW as our faculty adviser on our first meeting after

Currently, our club has no secretary, however, our club's bylaws allow
us to elect one. Given our club's growth, I'd like to open this position
for election. Duties are described below:

* Record attendance at our meetings
* Reserve rooms for our meetings and LAN parties
* Take notes at officer meetings and share these with the other officers
* Help make decisions about the club at officer meetings

Hopefully opening this position will free up the Vice President to work
more closely with the President (me). If you are interested in running
for this position, please email me. We will elect at the first meeting
after break. Note that the term for this position this time would be
only a single semester. We will re-elect for this position in April to
keep it on cycle with our other elections.

Further, I'd like to make one new position. Doing this will require us
to change our bylaws to add this position. So if you want to do this
position, not only will we have to pass this bylaw amendment by 2/3
vote, but you will have to be elected for the position as well.

The position is titled "Linux Help Guru and Wikimaster". As the title
implies, I will be adding a wiki section to the LUG website over break.
Your job would be to write content for this wiki to help the Mines
campus community with Linux stuff, as well as run Linux Help sessions in
Alamode once per week. You should also be responsible for responding to
help posts on the mailing list (or directing the person in the right
direction). "Guru" means that you should be good at installing a few
Linux distros as well as know your way around the command line and
on-line manuals pretty well.

This would replace the obsolete Webmaster position in our bylaws. Should
you want to run for this position, please email me.

I've attached our current bylaws so everyone can get a chance to think
about this change over break.

Apologies for the long email... hope you enjoy your break!


Jack M. Rosenthal
Colorado School of Mines
Combined BS/MS Computer Science
President of Mines ACM Student Chapter
President of Mines Linux Users Group
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