LUG: Linux Mint window Issue

kkluherz at kkluherz at
Sat Dec 3 10:43:22 MST 2016

Hello LUG members,

I've been having a problem with my windows in Linux Mint 18 MATE, and
was wondering if someone in LUG could help me out with it. The problem
is that active windows are sometimes covered by another, non-active
window, although the display manager does not realize this: which I
click or use the keyboard, it is in the active window, but I can't see
what I'm doing where it is covered by the inactive window. The problem
has gotten worse since I updated to x11 1:7.7+13ubuntu3, but it was
present in previous versions. I can get full display of my active window
if I switch to the window that was covering it, then go back to the one
I want to use, but it is an annoying way to deal with the problem.

-Kyle Kluherz

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