LUG: Can you believe it? (Woody's Opportunity Enclosed!)

Brandon Verkamp verkamp at
Sun Aug 21 17:41:06 MDT 2016

On Thursday, August 18, 2016 3:58:26 PM MDT Jack Rosenthal wrote:
> LUGgers!
> If you read the subject of this email, you may be wondering what you
> can't believe. It is that school is starting in a very small multitude
> of hours. This means that there will be some orders of business to
> discuss (This is an email anyways!).
> The first order of business is pizza. If you would like to attend a
> Woody's trip on Monday night, the 22nd, please drop me an email. I will
> send you details as soon as I know everyone's time restrictions etc. It
> will probably be around 21:30 again.
> Second order of business is Celebration of Mines. I think it's Friday,
> the 26th. It would be awesome to have some LUGgers there to help out.
> Again, if interested then email me.
> Third order of business is the brand new LUG website. It will be live
> very soon, I promise. Stay tuned for info.
> * Woodys on Monday, 22 Aug -- email me.
> * Celebration of Mines on Friday, 26 Aug -- email me.
> Jack


I'd like to go to Woody's on Monday. Classes end for me at 4 that day, and I don't have any other obligations after that (so I'm totally free).

*Brandon Verkamp*
Colorado School of Mines
Seeking BS in Electrical Engineering
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