LUG: Meeting This Week and Time Change

Caleb Jhones cjhones at
Wed Sep 23 12:35:05 MDT 2015


This week Jack will be introducing us to the typesetting system TeX/LaTeX,
which can be used for many basic and advanced document preparation
applications. We will be in our normal room, CTLM B56, on Thursday at 7.

This will be the final week we meet on Thursday. After this week, we will
be changing to Mondays at 7pm, as this was the most popular time on the
recent Doodle poll.

Finally, our first LAN party is this Saturday, 9/26, beginning at 6pm! We
are in CTLM B60, and will be playing games, eating pizza, and generally
having a great time! Bring your friends!

Caleb Jhones
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