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Tue Mar 3 15:00:50 MST 2015

My apologies if you've already seen this five times today. I thought
someone from LUG might be interested too, since this is a directly
Linux-related tool.

Calamares <>, "a distribution independent installer
framework" for Linux, was accepted into GSOC 2015 under the KDE umbrella
organization, and is looking for students to work with mentors from Blue
Systems on several project ideas
<>. I'm trying to spread
the word and hopefully get some Mines students to apply. This is an awesome
opportunity to be paid to work on open source software alongside extremely
talented mentors.

Most of the projects require some combination of C++ and/or Python
experience, with knowledge of Boost.Python, CMake, and PyQt being a huge
plus. There is also a more UX/design-oriented project, and one focusing on
Debian installation, if those are more up your alley.

If you have questions, or want more info or help building an application,
feel free to shoot me an email. The application period
<> is March 16 -
27, but you should definitely get in touch with the Calamares devs before
then to start talking about the projects.

Even if you don't want to work on Calamares, definitely check out the accepted
organizations page
<> to
see if any of the other groups interest you. There are a ton of great orgs
on that list. And if you aren't interested, but you know someone who might
be, feel free to forward this info along.


Ryan Shipp
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