LUG: Meeting Today: Git for source control

Matt mbuland at
Thu Feb 19 12:02:39 MST 2015


Have you been working on a project, and realized that you need to undo everything you did for the past day, but realized that Ctrl-Z doesn't go far enough back? Never fear, source control is here! By using git, you can keep records of all the changes you make to a set of files (I.e. project), revert to previous states, merge states, and more. Git's distributed version control model eases the difficulty with collaboration within a team. Git is taught in software engineering, but that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Come to LUG tonight in CTLM B56 at 6:15pm to hear Jesse talk about git, and share his tips and tricks for using git.

Also, LAN party tomorrow, Feb 20 at 5:00pm in CTLM B60.


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