LUG: Meeting Tonight: Centralization

Matt Buland mbuland at
Thu Feb 12 11:09:27 MST 2015


Tonight Martin will be talking about centralization, which will probably
be driven by the architecture of the mines network.

Next week, Jesse will give an introduction to using git for code
versioning and management.

Also, NEXT FRIDAY (Feb 20th), starting at 5pm in CTLM B60, we'll be
hosting a LAN party. Invite your friends, or whoever else wants to come
play games with us. At a minimum, we will be playing some very difficult
Starcraft 2 tower defenses. No, you do not need to own SC2, but you will
need a account to play with us. Like usual, we still have an
array of other games: Xonotic, Halo CE, and potentially Wolfenstein: ET.

Matt Buland

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