LUG: We are all patching, right?

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And to be a little more aware of things… this is particularly bad with systems that either use bash as /bin/sh and/or use bash shell scripts to do or configure things from the outside world -- Apache with legacy CGI-BIN shell stuff, DCHP clients that run Bash scripts on ifup/ifdown and are passed things from the DHCP server [like, an IP address ;) ]… this does mean that that webserver you thought wasn’t doing anything may now be able to wreck antying www-data (debian-esque) owns. Thankfully, the Debian/Ubuntu dhclient uses /bin/sh, which on those distros is defaulted to “dash”, *not* “bash”. If you’ve got a custom crafted shell for SSH (say, if you’re running something so “operators” can run backups), that’s the big risk with SSH at this point. (note this is my side-reading of things while I’m out sick, so take ti with a grain of salt, and don’t hesitate to send email to security at <mailto:security at>  to pester the actual security folk :) ).





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For Debian you can follow for security updates. Currently there isn't a full patch. There is an initial patch that fixed the surface level bug, but introduced bugs of its own.


Here ( ) is a blog post from the RedHat security people that they will keep updated for news on distros of that variety.


Apple has made a statement that OS X users aren't vulnerable unless they are using "advanced UNIX services" and that a patch for those "advanced" users is in the works, but you should probably download the bash source patch it yourself in Xcode and run your patched version. (They're kind of busy patching iOS 8) info:



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I haven't found a patch for Mint yet, anyone know if there might be one? I'm running the Debian-based edition.



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