LUG: Meeting on 9/4

Matt mbuland at
Wed Sep 3 14:02:24 MDT 2014

Fellow Linux Folk,

We will have a meeting tomorrow! CTLM B56 at 6pm on Thursday.

We'll talk about Linux from a high level, some great features of Linux platforms. We'll also talk about some of the more basic and introductory topics in Linux. If you would like help installing Linux on your own machine, tomorrow's meeting will be a great opportunity.

Also, we will be raffling off 3 Linux T-shirts to new sign ups. We meant to talk about it at the celebration of mines, but since they were coming from Italy, we didn't know if they'd even be here in time. Anyways, only new members will be in the raffle, and you must be present to receive your shirt. They're all larges. A picture is attached; there's a tux Ethernet shirt, arch linux, and Debian.

Hope to see you all there!

Matt Buland
President of LUG

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