LUG: Meeting -> ACM-w Alumni Panel

Matt Buland mbuland at
Thu Mar 27 11:42:37 MDT 2014

Hey all,

ACM-W is hosting an alumni panel today at the same time as LUG, so I was
thinking we could go to that, where we can socialize with other clubs,
and grow out of our linux bubble a bit. I realize that many of you are
not in computer science, but I think it'd still be a good chance to see
what some people in CS are doing.

Details about this are below:
Just wait till everyone else gets food first, since I suck, and only
thought about this last night.

*ACM-W* will be holding a panel starring
*CS Mines Alumni! *
*There will be free food and drink!*

  *When:     *March 27,

2014 Thursday @

* Where*: Colorado School of Mines BBW210

*What: *CS Alumni will be coming for an evening at Mines
and talk to students (YOU!) about life after Mines
including (but not limited to) topics such as:

   - How has transitioning from Mines to work life been?
   - What were your interview processes like?
   - What has Mines prepared and not prepared you for for life after Mines?

   - What did you to prepare for your interviews?

*Host: *ACM-W

* Click here
to RSVP by March 26 @ 10 am *

-- /** * * Maria Deslis * Colorado School of Mines * Undergraduate *
Major: Computer Science * VP of ACM-W CSM */

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