LUG: LUG Meeting times are moving to Thursdays at 6:00pm

Matt Buland mbuland at
Tue Jan 21 13:08:17 MST 2014


ACMx is having their meetings on Friday from 5-7pm. To assist with
crossover, LUG is moving to Thursday at 6:00pm. Having the only 2
CS-related clubs during the same time is not a good idea. Everyone at
the last meeting agreed that this is perfectly acceptable.

Our upcoming schedule will be as follows for presentations:

    January 23rd (this thursday) - Jason: Personal mail server
    January 30th - Zeke: D-lang
    February 6th - Matt: Steam OS Install and quick general linux
overview with some basics
        - If you are recently joining the linux train, you should
definitely come to this

    February 13th - Zach: Using bash/sh/zsh/ksh/fish or other shells
    February 20th - Jesse: Hamlet/YAML/Gaml/XAML/XML alternatives
    February 27th - Matt: Linux, Apache, MySQL,(PHP|Python|Perl)
webserver install. And rails + self-signed SSL cert - using startSSL?

Again, LUG will be meeting on Thursdays at 6:00pm (18:00 UTC-07).

Hope to see ya there!

-Matt Buland

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