LUG: LUG Meeting Minutes - 2014-01-17

Matt Buland mbuland at
Fri Jan 17 19:08:41 MST 2014

We started planning out our talk-schedule in LUG today. It will be as
follows. However, we may switch to Thursday at 6:00pm, depending on when
ACMx decides they want their meetings to be. If that happens, I'll send
out an email, and these days will change.

    January 24th - Jason: Personal mail server
    January 31th - Zeke: D-lang
    February 7th - Matt: Steam OS Install
    February 14th - Zach: Using bash/sh/zsh/ksh/fish or other shells
    February 21st - Jesse: Hamlet/YAML/Gaml/XAML/XML alternatives
    February 28th - Matt: Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP/Python/Perl
webserver install. And rails + self-signed SSL cert - using startSSL?

We also planned our first LAN-party! February 15th at 5:00pm in CTLM
B60. We've got Artmeis bridge simulator, Diablo 2, and we're going to
look into if we can play Dota 2, not to mention the pleathora of other
games we have available.

Matt Buland

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