Matt Buland mbuland at
Thu Feb 13 11:13:12 MST 2014

Hey all,

I forgot to remind everyone in the previous email about the LAN Party
this weekend.

On Saturday the 15th, we're going to populate CTLM B60 at 5:00 ish to
play games. Bring 6$ for Dominoes if you want pizza. If you'd like,
bring whatever awesome gaming rig you have, but if not, we test all the
games we play on the school computers, so not bringing your own PC is
perfectly acceptable. And if you want, feel free to invite any friends.
The more the merrier!

Our games list currently includes, but is not limited to:
Diablo 2
Artemis Bridge Simulator
Xonotic (Nexuiz)
Warcraft III
Starcraft 1
and more.

-Matt Buland

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