LUG: Meeting Today: Go!

Matt Buland mbuland at
Thu Apr 10 10:57:37 MDT 2014

Hey all,

Today, Aakash will be showing us the Go language, developed by Google.
Definitely come, since this is a really cool language! Same time and
place: 6:00pm CTLM B56.

Here's our remaining schedule:

April 17th: Zeke - On Dlang GUI Frameworks
April 18th (Friday): LAN PARTAY!
April 24th: Zach - Making a vim plugin
May 1st: Jason - How to kill (it's deadweek)

Please note that NEXT FRIDAY is when our next LAN Party will be. There's been some talk of nethack and other dungeon crawlers like stone soup, but we'll also continue playing the games we always do: WC3:TD, Xonotic, Artemis, etc. If you have any other suggestions, let us know!

Hope you're having a good week,
Matt Buland

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