LUG: Meeting Tonight

Matt Buland mbuland at
Thu Apr 3 12:48:04 MDT 2014

Linux Users and Enthusiasts,

E-days has basically started (or is about to start). In light of this,
we haven't planned anything for today's meeting. I'll be there, though,
most likely working on OBD +Arduino + XBee stuffs. So, if you want to
come and hangout, and talk about linux or programming or just life in
general, I'll be there, and most likely a few others will as well.

Here's our schedule for the rest of the semester, though:

April 3rd: Anything
April 10th: Aakash - Go the language, not the action
April 17th: Zeke - On Dlang GUI Frameworks
April 18th (Friday): LAN PARTAY!
April 24th: Zach - Making a vim plugin
May 1st: Jason - How to kill (it's deadweek)

Hope you all have a great weekend, and a great E-days!

Matt Buland
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