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Matthew D. Buland mbuland at
Thu Sep 19 15:24:14 MDT 2013

Hey all,

Obligatory TL; DR: Today at 6PM, CTLM B56. Be there.

We're having a meeting tonight. We'll start off with a cool fact about
something, and then Jason is going to teach us about emacs, and some cool
key-bindings that tend to present themselves in most input-places
(certainly anything with readline).

We're also thinking about having our first LAN-party on Saturday, October
5th (weekend before fall-break). This is subject to change, but right now,
that's what we're thinking. If you have any "open" games that you'd like to
suggest for the LAN party, just let me know.
And for those of you who haven't experienced a LAN-party yet, we basically
just meet in B60 at around 6PM, then play games until we get bored, or want
to go to bed. We usually order pizza from Dominos (so bring 6$), too, so
it's a good time.

Matt Buland
Guy who talks at LUG (co-president)
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